The entrepreneur offers personal coaching for busy working mothers. clearly thought out in a way, other challenges can become a problem for a potential buyer, such as: feeling of inadequacy at home and at work bad conscience that after work mom still takes her own time uncertainty about whether the spending of money will cause a dispute with the spouse. If the service is only described in terms of what the customer receives during the training, the purchase decision will not be made, because other questions and uncertainties in the customer’s mind are not addressed.  page therefore anticipates and deals with possible objections.

A good and well-executed sales

 It is very typical for busy mothers to think that “this is suitable for those whose children new data are already older, but I have two kindergarten-aged children and there is no way I can take time for myself”. Understanding and anticipating such questions on the sales page builds trust, increases credibility and lowers the purchase threshold. Either you checked this out: 101 ways to get more business online Why is a sales page an important part of your sales funnel? and high-quality sales page, you can easily direct people from several different sources directly to the sales page .

By writing a good

 When the sales page is made with high quality and it speaks to your dream customer, you don’t need big and long sales tunnels. It may be enough to direct new people to read five blog posts, after which you can direct them directly to the sales page. Sometimes it may be that it is worth recycling customers through an email list, but I also have customers whose sales tunnels are built directly on the blog. Without a sales page, you have to do a lot more work to get people to buy. In social media, everything happens quickly, and the length of the content is significantly shorter. So we have to make dozens of different Reels or TikTok videos in order to convince people that it is worth listening to BSB Directory  us. The purpose of the sales page is to speed up decision-making and get the customer to buy at the same time he comes to your sales page.

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