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Here you will know what requirements. You must meet and what the deadlines are to be able to benefit from this program, whether you are a freelancer or an SME. Post contents What is the Digital Kit for SMEs and the self-employed? What is the Digital Kit for. What can you do with this program? Requirements to request the digital Kit How to request the 2022 Digital Kit. How the SME Digital Kit works in phases What is a digitizing agent.

Digitalization businesses

Conclusion on the Digital top people data  Kit program for SMEs and the self-employed What is the Digital Kit for SMEs and the self-employed? Digital kit is a public aid program. Launched by the government of Spain together with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, for small businesses, self-employed workers and companies .

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Its mission is to be able to promote BSB Directory  the digitalization of businesses in order to help increase competitiveness and productivity in the face of the rise of the digital market and to be able to offer digital solutions to the company. The Digital Kit subsidies are also financed by the European Union through Next Generation EU funds.

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