From there, the rules that you want and that you know can help you are welcome. What is the technique ideal for? The true essence of this technique is not in the prize , nor in the calendar. If you realize, it’s really nothing more than telling yourself “when I lose 10 kg I will feel healthier.” Objective and prize. TRUE? So what is the difference? Well, the difference and what makes the technique good is that, as the days go by, the cost of failing one day becomes greater since it is not only “not doing it today” but “throwing away every day you have.” I’ve been doing it

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In the very essence of the technique lies its weakness. Don’t break the chain is ideal for those challenges in which you start with sufficient motivation that then declines and that is when “not losing what you have category email list achieved” gains strength. Do you follow me? Yeah. But the technique is not good for “eliminating habits . ” Eliminating a habit is “stopping doing it.” Stopping doing something is difficult because our brain has become accustomed to doing it and thinks “if we are still alive it is because we are doing what we do.”

to doing it and

Our brain is a bit like the typical computer scientist’s phrase: if it works, don’t touch it. Therefore, when we want to eliminate a habit, we find the maximum difficulty and resistance in the first days. Just when the cost of tearing up the paper is tremendously small. Yes that’s how BSB Directory it is. If I said the one with the blank calendars that I have torn up telling me “I better start tomorrow”, you would be amazed. No, I don’t use glitter. You agree with me? This technique is not good for breaking habits. TRUE? Can you imagine quitting smoking with this technique? What madness…

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