What is the Implementation area

At Magazord, one of the different areas that we work together with our clients is the implementation area. She is responsible for planning everything that must be ready by the time we put your online store online. Just as John L. Beckley said, “Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail by not planning.” Therefore, we outlined and carried out important steps to start selling on the internet, and the first step could not be anything different from what we planned. With more than 1,000 active customers to date, we actively collaborate in the growth of Brazilian e-commerce to guide you in the best practices to take your business to another level.


Let’s learn about the steps to implementing your virtual store on the internet

The first stage is a planning meeting, where we fill out a briefing about the client and their brand and plan the next steps until their online store is ready. After our initial meeting, it was time to talk about payment methods and transportation, a crucial part of the operation. Following this, we carry out training for product registration, offering all the support necessary to register or import all the products you already sell so that we can then configure the look of the website, what we call the front. Finally, our implementation analysts will advise on integrations with marketplaces, schedule the launch of your virtual store, align the final details and carry out training on billing so that we can launch. From the first alignment meeting to launch website, the healthy deadline for launch is 2 to 3 months, however each project is unique and the deadline may vary depending on the client. New operation, new earnings.


How many people do you know who tried to open a store on the internet and didn’t have solid results

Selling online is a new method of selling your products, practically like entering a “new market”, where different strategies are used than what you normally use in physical operations. However, don’t be surprised to start selling on the internet, and instead of having a little extra revenue, make your internet operation the main source of revenue for your company. This is what several companies have already experienced and that is exactly why there are so many companies migrating to digital. The time it takes to be on the internet selling your products is necessary precisely for each step to be very well guided, and this makes a total difference in entering digital with professionalism and competitively. Well, let’s be honest. Here at Magazord, we have the infrastructure and knowledge from years in the market necessary for you to have a professional online store.

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