What is email marketing

You’ve heard it hundrs of times and you’ve also receiv hundrs of emails in your inbox. Email marketing is at its peak but it is not something new. It was actually one of the first digital channels to appear. Far from becoming obsolete. thanks to its accessibility. it remains a relevant means of connecting with users. There’s no denying its impact. which is why many brands use marketing to impact their customers. But this is not the only advantage of this type of strategy. Let’s see what it is. how it helps you increase conversions and why you have to include it in your digital marketing strategy. Contents  What is marketing?  Requirements to do  marketing  Mailing or marketing: ¿Son lo itself?  Why use marketing in your strategy . ?Scalability . Accompany the customer in the purchasing process

What is email marketing

Let’s keep it simple. Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy that is carri out to Poland Email Data attract customers and obtain sales (well. like all of them. right?) through email. Now a little more extensive. Email marketing consists of sending to a database of customers (current or potential) to retain them. get new customers. develop the relationship with current customers. create loyalty. interact with them. increase sales. generate trust. confirm a purchase order. etc. And the objectives of marketing can be many. but we can define them in  very specific ones: Notoriety . Make your brand or business known. Image . Position yourself as an expert in the sector. Action . Sell ​​certain products or services.

In short. email marketing is one of the best

Email Data

You can do it in many ways: sell products. inform about promotions. share some news or tell a story. Requirements to do email marketing BSB Directory Something without which marketing makes no sense and is like making bechamel without flour. is user information. But of course. a user is not going to leave their data to you because of your pretty face (logo). It is necessary and pertinent that before starting an email marketing strategy . inbound marketing actions are carri out to achieve precisely that. that the user leaves us their data. We have to be able to suce the user with relevant and valuable content for them. Thus. we make sure to create that “ ne ” in the form of a tickle in the belly that makes him have a positive prisposition towards us .

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