The gpt language model boast billion parameters. Gpt is suppos to have a times larger database of parameters the scale of changes behind it is staggering. It is also said that the next gpt will not only be us for texts but will also support the creation of images and maybe even video. Bas on words prompts similar to dall e.  who for example deal with email marketing. The ability to create better and better texts and their variants graphics or videos which will be bas on variables provid for example from tools for sending and automating mailings.

Purchas product photos

Let’s think that we will be able to take knowlge about purchases their amount date and on this basis create a target mailing that the recipient will rec Argentina WhatsApp Number List eive from us. In different languages at any time with different graphics using for example a collage ofwith the buyer’s face. Ai will probably also be us for a deeper analysis of customer behavior segmentation creating behavioral models prictions and ready made scripts for chatting. In the coming years the consumer experience will be heavily studi model and chang by algorithms.

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Marketing sales customer service

Just some of the points of contact where ai will decide about the content our client comes into contact with. Carolina latos carolina latos coo at freshmail as marketers in we will certainly have to rethink our actions. The ubiquitous recession strongly refines custo BSB Directory mer behavior. As a result we will be forc to modify both our approach to communication and the way we work on the implementation of our marketing strategies. Marketing teams in most companies are shrinking and managers will focus on proven solutions with a high rate of return. Focusing on e mail marketing becomes in comparison with other channels a relatively cheap solution that ensures a high roi.

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