Layer masks and clipping masks. What is the mask in ? The st way to understand masks is to imagine masks in real life. As Scooby-Doo and gang have repeatly shown us, masks can us to hide or reveal what lies neath. When you wear a mask, you basically control your transparency, what and how much you choose to show. same The concept of also applies to masks in . There are two types of masks in : layer masks and clipping masks. You will find that they are very similar in theory, but low, we’re going to learn not only what these two sheet masks are, but how to use them.

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Skills now Check out this quick start video guide for a host of in-depth lessons. Understanding Layer Masks Layer masks are one of the most useful features of . The road to mastery gins with mastering the power of layer Poland Business Email List masks.  transparency of a layer. It can only have a single color in grayscale, that is, tween white, black, and every shade of gray in tween. Adding a layer mask on top of an image allows you to control how visible the image is. You’ll understand it tter once you see an example.

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Layer mask example Lets

Say we have these two images: cat in the grass (source) rover (source) and we want to merge them as quickly as possible without using tools like an eraser (see low for why you shouldn’t use an eraser) . Popular Courses How do we  do this? Simple: layer mask. Let’s review the process step BSB directory by step: We open the two images in separate documents. Since the cat image is smaller than the dog image, we move it by pressing on the keyboard and dragging it over the dog image. Heavy rain We move the cat image slightly to the left. Next, we apply the layer mask by clicking the Layer Mask button in the Layers panel.

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