Have you noticed the new Facebook functionality? Do you know how you can take advantage of Facebook Stories in your Online Marketing strategy? In this complete Guide I am going to tell you step by step how to use Stories on Facebook and I will give you some useful tips and tricks to get more out of this tool. Ephemeral stories, Facebook Stories , have also arrived on Facebook. After Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook users in The best Spain can also now use this functionality on their favorite social network. It is clear that the giant Facebook did not want Snapchat to do with.

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Launching Stories on Instagram it is now Facebook’s time. It could be said that it is more of the same, but the truth is that this social network being the largest in executive data active users is another functionality that we can take advantage of to reach said audience. Therefore, let’s get to know Facebook Stories a little better, and what it can give us. If you are an Instagram or Snapchat user, you know well what these ephemeral stories are because they are very similar in the 3 social networks. To quickly summarize, they are messages in photos or 20-second videos, which we upload to Facebook through this application and which all our friends will be able to see for 24 hours, but they will only be viewed through mobile devices.

The best to use Stories 

Enter the application To use this new functionality we just. Have to enter our Facebook through a mobile device and click on. The circle with our BSB Directory photo and it says “Your story” as in the image below… At this point we can add text to our story. We click and the mobile keyboard opens so we can insert text or emoticons. 10) Number 10 comes first here, because it is another option that the tool gives us before publishing the photo and I think it is interesting to mention it before. It is a pencil to create text, drawings or whatever with your finger and in different colors.

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