Thanks to the integration of. FreshMail with the Google Analytics platform you can watch the traffic generat on your. Website and check which specific links cause the highest conversion. You can integrate. FreshMail with Google Analytics in two ways . links can be automatically tagg with. UTM tags that will be track by GA. In the Google Analytics panel information about the traffic generat by each of the links contain in the e mail will be available.

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It is also possible to use the Email Marketing. Automation functionality and autoresponders generat on the basis of specific behavior of recipients on the website. See How to pair an account with. Google Analytics . Facebook pixel Thanks to this we will be able to create groups of similar recipients IT Directors Managers Email Lists monitor conversion or even remind customers or create dynamic product advertisements . How it’s working. Let’s assume that the recipient appear on the website start the registration process in the newsletter subscription form but did not finalize it. What now You can show him a reminder ad on. Facebook show him the benefits he will receive after signing up to the database.

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Remarketing campaign facebook How to set up conversion tracking It is enough to generate a Facebook pixel and put such a code for example in the footer of our e mail. This pixel allows you to define the behavior that the recipients should perform in the newsletter. Thanks to this you can easily create add BSB Directory itional audiences for Facebook ads. Test your audience’s preferences How to know the most optimal time for sending mailings What days of the week do recipients open emails the most Which title will appeal to newsletter readers more You can easily find out the answer to these questions. Just use A B Tests or Optimize Shipping Time in our system.

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