Pseudo-classes, pseudo-elements, declaration blocks, declarations, properties, values, and keywords us in modern development front-end styles. A detail view of a ruleset, including selectors, attributes, values, and declarations.   of units of length? Relative lengths, such as and , are units that specify lengths relative to other length properties. In contrast, absolute length units have a fix relationship to each other, such as pixels or inches. What are pseudo elements? Can you name it? Pseudo-elements are keywords add to selectors that allow you to style specific parts of the select element. Some examples are and . What are pseudo-classes and can you name them? Pseudo-classes define special states of elements.

The state of an element

May change due to user events or interactions. Some examples include :hover and :active which fire actions when the cursor is over an element or the element has en toggl active. Explain the difference tween margin and padding. is the Albania Business Email List space outside the border, and is the space tween the element and the border. We can think of the element as a picture on the wall, with its own height and width. Padding in this case is the amount of space tween the ge of the picture and the ge of the picture box. More importantly, margins in this context can thought of as the amount of space tween pictures.

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Students also learn how do

We use the box model with the ? Each element has a size, padding, and margins (and sometimes a border), which are us for spacing around the layout design. The goal is to design elements like blocks that will break into new lines, stretch inline, keep relative height BSB directory and width, while other elements will stay some distance away. What is the difference tween absolute position and relative position? Puts a relative element at a certain position and will change all elements around it.

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