Them the default fonts for typewriters

Typically fonts are us for print mia and are less suitable for viewing on a screen however many websites use Serif fonts for body text as they are highly readable and help readers quickly scroll through textual content. The most popular Serif fonts are Times Georgia and Bodoni . Sans Serif Sans Serifs are linear fonts that began to spread with the display of text on PC screens . In fact on low resolution digital displays the details of Serif fonts can disappear or appear too large. Typically Sans Serif fonts have letters of similar widths minimalist and modern.

New Roman Cambria Garamond

They are schematic clean neutral in appearance and readable at any size making them a great choice for digital content. Among the most wellknown types of Sans Serif fonts the best known are Helvetica Optima Calibri Tahoma Arial Verdana Brazil TG Number Data and Comic Sans . Other types of fonts Decorative The decorations feature particular decorations irregular contours and asymmetric letters. They have a strong aesthetic value and are often us to highlight certain sections of the layout such as titles subtitles or banners. Calligraphic Calligraphics simulate handwriting they are very elegant and original however they are difficult to read.

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Modern ones are soft with round

This is why they are only us for small portions of text such as testimonials quotes or slogans. Monospace Monospaces are monospac so all characters have the same width. This consistency combin with the ease of distinguishing characters makes and Brazil WhatsApp Number List terminals. Online however they are little us as they are not very engaging. Modern corners and accentuat roundness. They are easy to read and adapt seamlessly to any subject giving the page a refin touch. Display The displays are those in vintage style which convey an idea of simplicity genuineness originality and nostalgia. They can be us in titles or subtitles as they immiately capture the users attention. How to choose the right font.

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