After all who doesn’t want to feel honor. Find out more about personalization here. Advice from the author in addition to starting the sms with the name of our recipient it is also worth individualizing the offer address to him! For example add a personaliz discount code which you can also add as additional information in the database and then use the $$kod$$ tag to place it in the system. Grab the opportunity! Collect phone numbers during black friday on the occasion of black friday it is also worth thinking about the future and attracting new customers.

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Remember to ask for a phone number when finalizing your order. As in the case of e mail addresses telephone numbers are personal data that is subject to the gdpr. Therefore you cannot buy a ready made database of numbers or fish them in the net. How then Canada WhatsApp Number List can you collect leads. Use the tools in our system for this which you are probably already using. For subscribing to the newsletter and leaving your number you can offer something in return a unique discount a free e book or early access to bargain offers. Thanks to this the customer will definitely be more willing to leave something behind.

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Another option to obtain a phone number is to register for a webinar. The recipient by signing up for the event is already familiar with your offer. So you don’t have to convince him of anything. Therefore make life easier for your customers as much as you can! Create BSB Directory a gift guide what to buy for your brother mother grandma grandson etc. Give advice on preparing the house for christmas e.G. How to decorate the apartment which christmas tree is best to choose. Show how you can take care of yourself on this day show makeup or styling tricks. prepare the right email marketing campaign remember that one newsletter is not enough.

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