You can also use other marketing channels such as SMS messages. Microsegmentation allows for example to send them only to customers who have not open your email. Marketing segmentation A common type of audience segmentation is bas on specific marketing campaigns. For example you can create separate segments e.g. of people who have not taken advantage of your Christmas promotion or customers who have been reading all the newsletters for a long time but have not yet made a purchase.

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In this way you can not rely on individual campaigns but create contextual autoresponder paths that the user goes through depending on how he react to your previous emails and text messages. Keep it tidy Your customer lists should be updat regularly. Remember Quality Directors Email Lists to delete outdat and inactive contacts. Also make sure that each customer is only in the segments that match it and is not list for example on the list of current and would be customers at the same time. Over time it may happen that a list is no longer ne. If its for a campaign that end years ago or isnt producing results dont be afraid to modify or remove it and replace it with another one more relevant to your current nes.

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Recipient microsegmentation in FreshMail Use the power of segmentation to deliver tailor messages and increase the effectiveness of your campaigns. Even if you only have contact list in FreshMail you can divide it into separate segments. If segments within one list are not enough for you the Growth plan gives you the option to create as many as lists remember BSB Directory that you can create different segments on each of them which gives you more possibilities. The Growth plan also means a larger number of recipients that you can upload to the system. Compare plans and start today ! Summary Personaliz messages are expect by recipients and marketers find it an effective practice to increase conversions. It is worth creating separate lists of recipients when you use different consents or sell different services or if you have several stores.

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