Changing the version can be a stimulus to tell campaigns I check. Ga will do well with the correct attribution which may surprise many people who are us to the infamous last click attribution in the last click model. What else. will allow you to easily compare the results of activities from multiple channels. And the trends of. Let’s combine the features of ga with the crisis decisions about budgets that ne to be made more and more often. In this way we will get a recipe for shifting directions from fashion driven which often turn out to be ineffective to data driven by which I mean good old ideas such as seo and google ads.

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In addition to data driven marketing further automation in ads and the use of ai in seo will be trends. This is exactly about content generat for Albania WhatsApp Number List robots but not only. Contrary to the belief of many artificial intelligence can also create texts for the user such as elements of the product description or fragments of guides. Artur pajkert artur pajkert cmo at cyber_folks I believe that the use of ai will be the most important trend in digital marketing.

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The effects of using machine learning e.G. In advertising campaigns today ai simply amazes. It writes correct code on demand generates realistic images and conducts dialogue with us in a way that is increasingly difficult to distinguish from a liv BSB Directory ing person. Ai will be us in the creation of content of all kinds. I believe that a revolution awaits us in such fields as product descriptions illustrations and complete ready made graphic designs for websites and shops and even ci elements auditing and optimizing websites advertising content and audience selection research when creating content. These revolutions may affect the labor market in the area of ​​digital marketing already in limiting the demand for services consider simple.

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