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The most important On the other hand playing it safe also means that this type of palette is unlikely to be distinctive and memorable. Complementary color palette The complementary scheme is made by mixing colors that are at opposite ends on the color wheel for example rgreen blueorange or yellowpurple . This palette contrasts diametrically with the monochromatic one as it aims to produce high contrast . Similar color palette Similar to the monochromatic palette the analogous color palette includes colors that are particularly close to the starting one both in terms of hues and shades such as green light blue and blue.

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Even in this case it is difficult for the combination to be unpleasant the downside is that it lacks originality. Triad color palette This palette uses shades that are equally spac on the color wheel such as r yellow and blue . it is a fairly complex combination Mexico TG Number Data to manage to achieve the right balance it is preferable to use one color as the dominant one and use the others as accompaniment. Rectangle color palette The tetradic scheme or in simpler terms rectangle uses colors arrang in complementary pairs such as yellow orange purple and blue. This rich color combination is certainly more complex to manage but at the same time it offers many opportunities in terms of variations.

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A little tip that will surely be useful to you to help you with the color choice take advantage of online tools like Coolors . Thanks to tools like this free and easy to use you will be able to compose perfect palettes and find new inspiration for your creations Mexico WhatsApp Number List tips to follow when choosing colors Now that you have a little clearer ideas about color compositions and the psychology behind their creation here is some advice to avoid making mistakes from a chromatic point of view. Take advantage of complementary colors learn to combine colors of the colorand create a pleasant visual effect at the same time.

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