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The functional concept of e-commerce includes, among others, online stores , auction portals, advertising portals. Marketplace platforms and transactions concluded via social networking sites. We distinguish different types of e-commerce. B C (Business to Consumer – transactions between a business entity and a private person, i.e. a consumer), B B (Business to Business – transactions between business entities), C C (Customer to Customer – transactions between private individuals, concluded on e.g. on advertising or auction portals). E-commerce industry – a short history of development.

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The origins of e-commerce date back to the when companies. Began to use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology to transmit commercial documents. In the s, there was a rapid development of e-commerce due.  The creation of web browsers Photo Retouching and the development of the World Wide Web. Since then, e-commerce has continued to develop. The number of users and sellers continues to grow. Haitao e-commerce Haitao e-commerce is a type of electronic commerce. That refers to the purchase of goods by consumers outside the seller’s country. Especially in the context of the Chinese market.

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Customers use platforms to purchase foreign products that may be difficult to obtain or more expensive in their country. This contributes to the increased globalization of trade and allows consumers to benefit from a greater choice of products. In recent years, Haitian e-commerce has gained popularity in China, where demand for luxury and original BSB Directory foreign brands is growing. Haitao e-commerce reviews Opinions on Haitian e-commerce vary. On the one hand, many consumers appreciate the opportunity to purchase original, foreign products that are often difficult to obtain on the local market.

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