It is worth getting acquaint with these concepts because they are us more and more often and they also allow us to develop our application. Of course every stick has two ends. Just as the development of project management methodology development of software and technology has allow us to create better and better applications each of these applications is much more complicat. As a result the technical threshold for entering the application for a programmer is higher. It us to be enough for a programmer to know technologies and be able to work on virtually any project. At the moment there are several technologies us in the FreshMail application and the entry threshold especially for novice programmers is much higher than it was for example or years ago.

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Nevertheless the recent times andechnology should be assess as a great opportunity to create a product that your customers will love. Piotr Suszalski FreshMailers Let’s move away from the topic of email marketing for a moment and focus on technology Switzerland Business Fax List in general. You told me that you are particularly interest in application architecture databases optimization of application spe processing. Could you briefly outline what is most fascinating to you in these fields I’ve always enjoy working with large scale applications. Then there are completely different challenges than during for example agency work where we jump from project to project and there is no time to focus on optimization or code architecture topics.

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It is very satisfying to build an application that works quickly and efficiently even during heavy traffic and with a large number of customers. It’s definitely something I like to do and I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing it There is a lot of talk about AI and for good reason. What has been the best thing for you from the develo BSB Directory pment of artificial intelligence in the context of working on the application AI relat issues are just being implement in the FreshMail application but their development has enabl the creation of tools that will be able to protect us and our clients from unwant traffic better than ever.

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