The cost of the service

The cost of the service. Four seconds or clicks on the profile specific in. CTA button under the picture or video will glow blue. The link button itself can contain the URL. The price of the product, and even ratings in the App Store. The most significant change concerns advertising videos with links now. When a user clicks on a video to start the sound. He will be direct to the advertiser s website , and the video itself will. Continue to play at the top of the screen. This way , users will be able to perform actions on landing pages without stopping watching the video.

Mantra Continue the Dialogue

If they wish, they will be able to either expand. The video to photo editing servies full screen mode or close it to continue interacting only with. The advertiser s website. Who benefits from using it? Advertisers who want. To increase the effectiveness of advertising. On social networks and direct users to the site for further interaction. . Turning regular posts into advertising. The advertiser will turn quality posts into advertisements without leaving the application. It will be enough for a business to simply select any of its publications and add a CTA button to it. At the same time.

Mantra Don’t make wasted promises

You will be able to set up targeting of an advertising. Campaign BSB Directory or use the props service. The post will then be promote as an advertisement for any Desir length of time. Who benefits from using it? Advertisers who want to increase the effectiveness of advertising on social networks and understand what is interesting to the audience. What to advertise? Popular posts on Instagram about products , services , applications , events. . Carousel video advertising for all advertisers. By adding video to Carousel Ads, advertisers have pieces of content at their disposal that are no longer limit to just photos.

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