And there I was, watching how once again I told myself “I start on Monday” even though I knew that those Mondays never come. That his Monday never came. The dangerous thing is to think that your case is different, because you just want to stop biting your nails, or smoking. That, well, is not serious. But you’ve been telling yourself “I start on Monday” for a long time and you’ve never seen a triumphant Tuesday…

biting your

After several failures and realizing the weakness of the technique for breaking habits, I decided top industry data to try an adaptation that I later (today) named “Don’t break the chain, chained . ” Well, rather, “the multiple chaining technique”… hehehe. It is a very simple modification that consists of accompanying the main challenge with challenges that are easier to achieve and overlapping one with another so that if you break one, you break them all .

with challenges

 create the first one, with your logo, colors and structure, the rest of the emails can have an equivalent BSB Directory visual appearance without you having to spend time on that aspect again. Correct display on desktop and mobile It offers a preview of how our campaign will look on both desktop and mobile. This way we can verify that the editor generates emails that adapt very well to both cases and we avoid display problems , especially on mobile. Conclusions My mother. Now rereading the post I realize that it almost seems like a teleshopping promo,

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