Examples of effective sms messages make yourself known take care of the name of the sender to send an sms in freshmail you ne a signature. This is the name of the senderThe information that is display to the recipient instead of the phone number. We make sure that your customers trust you. After all we like to know who we get messages from. How to report such a caption and what should it be. In step of campaign creation click the yellow add new caption button. After clicking the button a window will open that allows you to enter your sender’s name and your company details that you enter when creating your account. Then such a superscription should be report to helpfreshmail by sending a statement generat by the system. The caption can contain up to characters a z a z space excluding polish characters.

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The caption cannot contain a telephone number. You can put a maximum of three numbers in a row in it it must contain at least one letter. The caption Slovenia WhatsApp Number List cannot be a name. Therefore it should be a company name that will inspire trust among recipients. Personalization is always a good idea speaking of content you can’t forget about personalization. It can be us in an easy way just like in the mailing campaign so far. In the content of the message it is enough to enter the appropriate tag thanks to which the system substitutes information such as the sender’s name in its place.

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Regardless of the type of campaign personalization is always a good idea. Thanks to it the recipient will feel that your offer is address directly to him and properly tailor to his nes. After all who doesn’t want to feel honor. Find out more about personal BSB Directory ization here. Advice from the author in addition to starting the sms with the name of our recipient it is also worth individualizing the offer address to him For example add a personaliz discount code which you can also add as additional information in the database and then use the kod tag to place it in the system.

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