The best examples of landing pages

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You have just created your website and you are already thinking about how to attract customers. You are aware that each user has different needs and tastes, so you have to know how to attract each of them. This is where landing pages emerge. Destination pages to attract people’s attention and attract them. At Online Zebra we tell you which are the examples of landing pages that have been most successful and why. Keep reading to learn more and get inspired to make yours as effective as they are. Contents 1 Landing page Slack Deezer.  Canva . Airbnb Uber Shopify  Microsoft 365 Landing page A point in favor of learning. How to carry out an effective and useful marketing strategy is to analyze examples of landing pages that have been or are successful.

What examples of successful landing pages are there

A good landing page knows how to move users Canada Email Data with a call to action to make them potential customers in the future. Landing pages must be designe to attract traffic from the advertising campaigns carrie out and channel this traffic through calls to action. This design has to provoke in users the intention of wanting to perform some type of action. On a well-designe landing page, users will be able to clearly see instructions and contact information. For this reason, direct words or phrases are use such as “call now”, “subscribe”, “reserve your place”, etc. How to make a successful landing page? To make a successful landing page. It has to be made up of well-written and structure copywriting. A design that attracts and some knowlege about the customer we want to attract.

What examples of successful landing pages are there

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Below, we list a series of landing pages from brands and companies. That have been successful BSB Directory because they have known how to mix the elements that a landing page should have. The elements, when working together and having been mixe well. Offer a colorful and convincing call to action that drives users to want to know more and take the step of taking an action. Slack Slack ‘s title “Welcome to your new headquarters” nicely describes what the app is for. It doesn’t have any ebook, but it gives you the chance to try it for free. Its images are colorful and large and give an idea of ​​who the application is aime at. Landing page Deezer It is on a simple design that invites users to subscribe to the different plans offere by the music platform. It relies on bright colors to attract attention.

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