Technology for e-commerce: Magazord innovates to increase sales

. The use of technology in e-commerce has become essential for the growth of virtual stores. From there, it is possible to increase your performance through optimizations, automations, process reduction, customization, etc. Today, the main evolution.  We are experiencing is the consolidation of searches and purchases through mobile devices, and this has directly impacted the market. Spreadsheet 6 Marketing Indicators for.  E-commerce. In addition to the mobile shopping application and the management application. The platform is working to have integration for the next quarter with Koin. Which allows payment via installments via bank slip, batch billing feature to invoice more than one bill at a time and works to integrate with the. AliExpress marketplace in addition to the Paypal payment method. Sign up for our Newsletter and learn everything about e-commerce We promise not to use your contact information to send any type of SPAM.

The evolution of Mobile

The use of smartphones and mobile phones has proven to be no longer a trend, but a relevant part of online sales revenue. According to research carried out by Mobile Time and Opinion Box, most Brazilians Singapore Telegram Number Data have already made at least one purchase via mobile app or website in the last 30 days, around 81% according to the study. Furthermore, 93% of survey respondents stated that they had already made a purchase via smartphone at some point in their lives. Why choose Magazord as your platform? Magazord’s innovation Thinking about generating a better experience for the consumer and increasing sales for retailers, the application was developed for Magazord customers. The launch began on April 9th, being available on Google Play and the Apple Store. The feature has already been released to 23 customers and allows consumers to make purchases directly through the app.


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Who is Magazord

Ricardo Schroeder, technology director at Magazord, says he is confident with all the new features available to the company’s customers. “We are working daily to build a better product, which makes life France Telegram Number easier for retailers and generates more sales in their online store”. The company emerged after noticing the lack of technology for e-commerce on other platforms.  Magazord has been operating as an e-commerce platform for numerous retailers since 2014 and has already had more than 9 million orders placed and R$1.5 billion in approved orders. Why does the Industry need to embrace e-commerce? Want to know more about Magazord? Click the button below and speak to one of our consultants.

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