Every day at work is different and often different things work. You could say that I am driven by certain extremes.On the one hand I like working with people. Meetings working together jointly designing new solutions and business functions gives me a lot of satisfaction and thus gives me energy for further work. On the other hand there is also direct work with the application the code. There are days when I like to focus only on this and cut off from the outside world immersing myself strictly in technical issues and devote myself only to them.

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With a lot of different duties that rest on me there is a little less time for working alone with the code but I’m still looking for space to Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists pursue myself in this topic. Do I have my productivity tricks Probably nothing special I try to plan my day in the morning and stick to it as much as possible. I have been using the Notion application for some time to organize my current notes to create “To Do” lists. This is what keeps me in control of my working day. What advice would you give to someone who aspires to be a CTO in general In this case there is no one way that would allow you to reach your destination.

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Just a few years ago there was a belief that an employee of the IT department was a grunt sitting only in front of a computer a nerd not seeing anything else but the screen of his computer. Fortunately this stereotype is slowly disappearing because when building an IT department we want to have crea BSB Directory tive and communicative people around us so that we can carry out the tasks assign to the IT department in the best possible way. In my opinion being a C level person means that you will be interacting a lot with other people whether within your organization or outside of other organizations.

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