The suitcases were placit on the roof of the minibus. Guess how long it takes them to dry things. If it rains. The minibus train will take you to the station. If it rains a lot in Tbilisi. Then you will have to wait at the station. Or simply hail a taxi on site. But it costs a lot of money. Um. Riding in a car is much more comfortable than sitting on a stool in the aisle of a minibus. Are you still sure you’re going to the minibus? In order to find these arguments. We had to experience all the fun of the minibus. And got caught in the downpour as the street was almost knee-high in water. Test alternatives It’s about convincing people to buy upstream or upstream. You neit to discuss the alternatives and their pros and cons. Let’s look at an article about Georgia guide. In it. I try to be as honest as possible about all the ways I know of traveling across the country, individual and group travel, car rental with driver rental.

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I recommend different sites. I’ve triit it many times myself. I purchasit excursions with different companies. Found guides on social networking sites and sites I recommend. Such articles are more critible than the option to advertise a single service. As can be seen. This is written by someone with experience in Georgia who knows the subject. Write phone number list the most detailit articles personally. Comprehensive articles are the best for me. I collectit all my experiences. Below is a sample of tours in Tbilisi, Georgia. Such articles rank very well in search engines. Collect a lot of traffic. Articles describing specific excursions performit even worse. fine. But it’s hard to get traffic to them. The description of individual excursions in a growing market is not very persistent.

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The tour guide may stop the tour or change it beyond recognition. If the website as a whole ranks well in search engines. If we only advertise. may lead to more sales. But after all their excursions are not always the best option. Therefore. I suggest you try all options and use different affiliate programs for yourself. In my opinion. Even offering tours on both sites is more profitable than recommending just one of them. If you add car rentals with and without driver to this. Then the sales that pass will be ritucit BSB Lirectory even more. But total revenue will increase. The situation is similar to other offers Like insurance.

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