Check out Segmentation for beginners Making a stalker out of yourself Each of us already knows cases from autopsy or observation which show some kind of data abuse. That is why today we are extremely sensitive on this point we pay attention to what consents we give we do not like to feel watch or manipulat. And keep this in mind when personalizing messages. Because it’s easy here they gave the impression of being a bit insistent and too observant. Let’s say we send the recipient an email with a match offerproducts that he left in his basket. And we start our message with We see you haven’t bought these products yet .

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For some it will be nothing but others may feel a bit follow. Therefore take care of email personalization not only from the strictly technical side. Instead of creating something like the message just describ you can simply write Recommend products and show a personaliz offer. Kind of the same Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List but a slightly different tone right Forgetting that visual content is also personalization Let’s face it colors have a huge impact on how your offer is perceiv. There’s a reason people talk about color psychology. Therefore if you choose a campaign for Boys’ Day try to make it as visually appropriate as possible to the given circumstances.

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Various studies show that women are more likely to prefer softer shades of colors to stronger ones unlike men. Therefore directing the promotion to the male gender try to use for example dark blue or darker green or black instead of pastel colors. Author’s note For a holiday email you can choose colors other than those in your brandbook. Remember however to BSB Directory keep elements typical of your brand logo or your colorsin the cta or menu. segmentation and personalization Coloring for Boy’s Day Thinking that Boyfriend’s Day is just for a boy Although of course we give gifts to men on this day we do not always have to perceive our offers in this simple way.

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