Simple rules of don’t break the chain Although the base has always been the same (don’t fail any day), rules have . Deen added to Jerry’s original idea that have turned this idea into a famous. Well-known and widely used techniquethe. Don’t Break the Chain technique. . While Jerry says “never miss a day, don’t break the chain”, in my experience it is much better to use it to complete “finite” plans since something “infinite” ends up boring us. My favorites: 28-day plans. The rules are very simple :

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Determine what you want to achieve, what habit you want to introduce. For example, it industry email list could be “do 20 minutes of exercise.” Set the deadline. The longer the period, the more you will strengthen the habit but, on the contrary, the less the daily increase in motivation will be. Come on, looking at 21 days is not the same as looking at 365. Right? Once you know how long and when you are going to start, print a calendar where the days are clearly visible. Establish a prize that you will give yourself when you complete the program, when you have filled that calendar with crosses.

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Sign a contract with you, on the back of that calendar page, where it is perfectly specified what you are going to do, for how long and what you will get in return. Start with the first day and continue making a cross each day you complete the challenge. When you BSB Directory complete it, give yourself the prize. This is important. Without a prize there is no paradise. That’s it? Oh really? No, just a few more rules : Once you start the program, you won’t be able to stop until you complete it. It doesn’t matter if you do it the first time or it takes months to get it. If you commit, you must finish it.

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