Shipping for e-commerce: Magazord stands out in competitive shipping

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With the growing expansion of e-commerce, one of the most important points that proves to be a major differentiator is shipping. Where, the brand that stands out in this regard has an advantage and attracts a greater number of customers. To have an idea of ​​the moment we are going through, according to Neotrust, e-commerce generated R$161 Billion in 2021. Resulting in a growth of 27% compared to the previous year. Check out: Spreadsheet 6 Marketing Indicators for E-commerce. For comparison purposes, deliveries from Magazord customers made from the South to São Paulo cost an average of R$12.50. When using the Post Office, the average value is around R$19.00.

How important is shipping

Shipping plays a fundamental role in making the purchase, as it is the moment before customer satisfaction (receipt of the order). Therefore, quality shipping has enormous strength for your e-commerce. The value offered and the speed of delivery directly impact the user experience. It could be something very attractive Russia Telegram Number Data for loyalty or a factor that keeps them away from your business. According to E-commerce Radar, 82% of cart abandonments when shopping online in Brazil are caused by high shipping prices or delays in delivery. Check out: How Magazord helps you with Chargeback How does Magazord stand out in freight? Magazord features integrations with more than 30 carriers and 2 freight gateways. Furthermore, if the client works with someone else, we import the client’s table, allowing shipping calculations and label issuance. In the month of May alone, Magazord processed 410,378 orders. With this number, our bargaining power with carriers becomes very strong, enabling a better offer for our customers. With our negotiations, we deliver values ​​below the national average to large centers such as São Paulo, where the highest number of orders is placed.

Telegram Data

Magazord Freight Technological Differentiators

We are constantly creating new technologies and updating existing ones, in order to make life easier for the Magazord customer and offer a unique experience. Check out some of the Egypt Telegram Number technological differences we have: Sign up for our Newsletter and learn everything about e-commerce! Name* Name * Email* Email * I agree to receive communications. By providing my data, I agree to the Privacy Policy . Register! should_not_change We promise not to use your contact information to send any type of SPAM. Shipping via standard Magazord Link; Automation of orders for delivery; Automatic shipping calculation and table hosting; Automatic issuance of labels; Customized shipping rules; Transport control tool; Freight reconciliation; Order control on a single screen; Integration with Marketplaces to use Magazord shipping. Check out: Why choose Magazord as your platform Advantages of integrating Frete Magazord into your e-commerce: Because we have serious and competent carriers on our platform, we are able to positively influence e-commerce sales. The main advantage of low shipping costs is the substantial increase in sales generated.

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