This translates into sales channels in e commerce e mail and SMS will be perfect for promotions . These two means of communication are always at hand and do not require turning on the computer. In addition a significant number of users have vibration sound or notification L set for these types of messages. E commerce in practice what to sell? The most important aspect of seasonal online sales is context . You have to ask yourself why are you addressing the user right now? What is the link between the product and the occasion? In the context of the picnic you can promote for example barbecue accessories drinks paper towels or plastic plates.

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You can also set e promotions for products and services less directly relat to the occasion such as rental of houses transport of people power banks bluetooth speakers suitcases or spring clothes. Not every recipient will necessarily ne them during this period Hospital Mailing Lists but some will and the relationship with the occasion is clearly visible. However avoid promotions in e commerce for products that do not match the occasion. Winter coats skis Santa figurines home furnishings and warm blankets simply wont resonate during Easter and May holidays.

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Encourage purchase in e commerce Schule a discount voucher free shipping or free something that will get your audience to buy right now. Its good if such an offer is time limit e.g. until the end of the picnic. Keep in mind that shipping nes to take place a little earlier so that customers have time to take advantage of the offer before they leave. If you have such BSB Directory an opportunity we also suggest decorating the packaging for the occasion. You dont have to order new cartons right away ready made Easter stickers on each package or item will suffice. Just make sure they dont fall off along the way and that they dont leave a sticky residue on the contents when remov.

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