Note that each of us wants to buy a product and have it at home quickly and without incurring additional transport costs . Free delivery is a type of reward that is particularly appreciat by recipients at the same time arousing positive feelings not only about a specific product but also about the brand image. One of the most authoritative forms of marketing strategies aim at returning customers is the so call. BOGO or Buy one get one. Buy get . It is a psychological treatment that openly stimulates the center of pleasure and happiness in the human brain.

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Use it so that shopping in your company is associat with such feelings. Source Pandora mailing Personaliz Recommendations strategy Let your client feel that the offer is address directly to him. Address him by name in your communications. Additionally apply personaliz product recommendations bas on past transactions. So suggest your Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List customers products that may be of interest to them and they will come back to you during their next purchases. According to research of consumers are more likely to reach for products that are better known to them. Suggest customers return to shopping by recommending products from the you may also like category. This action suggests to the recipient that you care about meeting their expectations and saving their time.

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In the case of buying a winter coat the next necessary purchase may be a scarf or a hat send your suggestions for these products to the recipient Also collect your customers’ opinions on the purchasing process. Show that you value their opinion and share po BSB Directory sitive feback in the newsletter. Also express your willingness to change supplies or after sales service as suggest by buyers. Source Allegro mailing Strategy Restock Reminder This method will not work in every industry. However if you’re selling products that run out pay close attention to this strategy. An example of a very good use of valuable knowlge about the products purchas by consumers is the Rossmann brand.

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