Potential Customer  We know    the B2C customer well, he loves solving his needs quickly. If, however, we return to the discussion of the B2B public, here it will almost be necessary to have a discussion with a company collaborator or a representative before making a purchase. As a result, times are considerably longer. How can I analyze my Customer Funnel? To explain how to carry out an

nalysis based on the marketing funnel, at least

experience analysis  ; web analytics analysis . The first takes into consideration all those dynamics that concern b2b email list  user behavior during navigation, for example heat maps, qualitative   behavior data and study of calls to action. But not only. This phase also includes the analysis of the performance of our website or e-commerce: is the site fast? Is there room for improvement?there is actually a group of consumers, which makes the timing longer and more complex. Motivation behind the conversion What is the motivation that drives a B2B user and a B2C user into the marketing funnel? The B2C user makes a purchase to satisfy a completely personal

The second instead examines

b2b email list

all the navigational data of the site, both quantitative and qualitative, leaving  nothing to chance. This category also includes the analysis of abandoned carts or statistics linked to advertising campaigns or the sending of DEMs. Clearly the outcome of the macro analyzes will bring with it Country List  potential technical, graphic or commercial changes that can help us increase thenumber of contacts or turnover. If yours is a B2C company that wants to increase sales on the sitecontact us, we will    help you achieve your goals. PUBLICATION purchasing phase is rather rapid. On the contrary, if we think about the website of acompany that sells B2B wood cutting machines, the user will not access the site ready to convert or with the intention of completing it. The decision-making phase preceding the action phase in this case will be rather long and elaborate. Let’s also not forget that often, behind the B2B consumer

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