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We have Does the division of branding make sense? Internal employer branding itself is a relatively new phenomenon. Some experts in the HR industry argue that the division into the company’s image inside and outside is not enough. We have already touche on this topic in the article “Employer branding and recruitment marketing” . In addition, sometimes it is difficult to define what the “inside” of the company is, where employer branding is suppose to go . Theoretically, it’s obvious – it’s about employees. In practice, however, this is not the only group intereste in the company’s image.

To spice up company events

Others are former employees, shareholders, contractors, management. Internal employer branding These are just a few examples, and depending on the specifics of the company, there may be more of these groups. Each photo editor of them could receive a different internal employer branding, which would require the creation of several narratives. In companies with a diverse range of activities, even among individual groups of employees, employer branding could be diverse. All of this shows how complex the term you are dealing with is. It is definitely worth introducing employer branding to the company’s marketing activities.

About attractions for employees

Company culture – unsaid things, such as organizational culture, tend to the outside. If there is a friendly atmosphere in your company, employees will also be impresse after leaving work. Such employer branding activities are the best thing that can happen to BSB Directory an employer. It’s not something you can force people to do. The culture of the company is the result of the actions of the entire team. And it’s the leadership that sets the tone for it. – company events – there are two types of employer branding events: internal and external. The first ones are a great tool for building bonds with your team and showing people that you care.

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