Finding Happiness in Helping People Online

The way of thinking we have just mentioned could very well be the paradigm of the entire Western world and our civilization. Have you ever Finding Happiness in Helping People Online thought that it’s not about the money all the time? So making more money, working more, having more success in your life, you won’t have long term happiness, how would that work? The answer may (or may not) be found in positive psychology . Dr. Marting Seligman, creator of Positive Psychology and the PERMA principles, says that the key is to help other people. Martin Seligman at St Peter’s College | thinkersinresidence Youtube video: Martin Seligman at St Peter’s College thinkersinresidence , Lecture given by Dr. Seligman Now you may ask, how is this connected to my customer service work ? It all comes down to mental state and attitude. We are aware that you are not saving someone’s life on live chat or over the phone, but still – you are helping people and you should give yourself respect for that. Your attitude can absolutely change the perception of your work in your own eyes. To hell with what others might think.

Seeing your daily workflow from a different perspective

This may sound far-fetched, but somewhere out there there is a person who is desperately seeking help. What we mean is – this matters to them – otherwise they wouldn’t have contacted you. Now close your eyes and think about it. How many times have customers said a simple “thank you” ? See more broadly. You made their lives better, even if you Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data helped a little. Are you feeling better already? No, you can’t, at least not right away. But still, think about it, let the idea flow through all parts of your brain and wait until it sinks in. Changing your attitude, perspective and mental state can be a good idea. We encourage you to think about this. It’s not about the money, at least not all of it. Whatever you buy to make you “happy” will not give you that feeling in the long run . People often confuse happiness with something as simple as pleasure. Of course there is a connection between income and well-being, but this is different than you might have thought. General levels of happiness in connection with income only increase to a certain point.

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The number may change depending on where you live, but the simple logic remains – money and success can only bring you happiness up to a point. Let us explain Imagine you are only earning 10,000 USD per year. You can barely afford India WhatsApp Number List food and accommodation and stress levels will be very high. In that case, we can’t even mention something like happiness. This will be a foreign word to you. Now imagine that you have risen to a certain level and make 100,000 USD per year. Now you can afford a nice house, a car or two, vacations, travel and support your family. That sounds cool, doesn’t it? It seems like a good, good life. But now for the point: imagine you earn 1,000,000 USD per year. Everything in your life will be bigger, clearer, more unique and cool. But your overall happiness would not increase. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at the research done by Princeton University . See the happiness chart below: Now, what can I learn about this? Working as a customer service agent will not make you rich by any means. But still, it is a path that deserves consideration. Making good, if not quite a lot of money by helping people and being happy about it doesn’t sound bad . No way… Share this article.

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