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Love has many faces also in e mail marketing! And it’s not that only brands that sell services or products that we immiately associate with valentine’s day can benefit from this holiday. Everyone can benefit from this opportunity including those who are firmly in the b b sector.    According to the valentines around said that they intend to celebrate this special day in some way. In turn this year spending on valentine’s day is expect to increase to $ billion ! People love to celebrate love and it’s no abuse when the statistics prove it.

The assumptions of the brand

Valentine’s day campaign how to prepare. When you decide on a valentine’s day campaign you ne to know why you want to do it in the first place. It is not a B2B Email List must and occasional marketing activities are never a must. Everything has to be in accordance with Nothing forc. A forc valentine’s day campaign can do more harm than good. The goal may be for example increase in sales image building maintaining customer relations reaching new customers. Once you’ve agre on what you want to achieve it’s time to think about how to get there.

B2B Email List

The valentine’s day campaign

Should be consistent with the image that has been built so far. Advice from the author align your marketing with your brand not the other way around. You also don’t have to change your entire brand for one day. If you want you can keep the colors of using BSB Directory segmentation your brand and lead the rest of the narrative so that it is known that we are talking about valentine’s day. For example hulu simply bet on the shape of a heart but still nothing bites with the holiday. Hulu valentine’s day campaign source hulu mailing in a different way the salomon brand which provid a photo of a romantic scenery after all what could be more romantic than a sunset and add in the content that it was an e mail on the occasion of valentine’s day.

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