Therefore each application should be consider separately. And here I agree with Ewa that we now really have an approach in the Human Human business which means that it should be borne in mind that on the other side there is a person who has less knowlge about how the system works and you ne to take care of him accordingly. What values ​​guide you the most in your daily duties? MJ Empathy individual approach and understanding of the problem with which the client comes to us. Anyway I already mention this partly in the previous question. K.Ł. Patience unconventional approach openness to solutions accuracy and perceptiveness.

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EN On my part it is certainly respect and a desire to understand the problem. I also value independence and people who try to learn new things every day and at the same time do not lose their smile. smile Customer Communication Directors Email Lists Service FreshMail What distinguishes BOK FreshMail from others? K.Ł. Quick reaction time and problem solving usually at the first contact. EN I would like to emphasize that we react quickly to every problem trying to find the best solution in a given situation. Our Service Office works hours a week thanks to this in case of major problems we can act immiately.

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MJ I agree with the girls that the first thing that sets us apart is our quick response time especially when it comes to phone support. Of course we are not able to solve every case in this way and in the case of things that require verification by the IT department we have BSB Directory to transfer to e mail communication but the waiting time for a response there is also very good. We recently introduc a new price list and with it support plans. What does this division give the user? EN Thanks to such diversity in the types of support we give the client the opportunity to decide whether he feels independent enough to operate in the system only on his own or whether he will feel more confident knowing that he can always write or call us and our specialists will help in any matter.

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