Information collect about users can now be includ in the list of subscribers which is import into the system. In the additional fields our marketer will place specific information. Bas on them segment your list. It will divide e mail addresses into customers interest in kitchen bathroom or broom topics and direct its mailings directly to these segments. At this stage the marketer can use the information he has obtain to personalize the newsletter creation.

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Thanks to this the recipient will feel special and will receive the message not as a mass mailing but as a specially prepar offer. email marketing strategy Base your company on our hypothetical furniture store distribute services or products and get to know your Netherlands WhatsApp Number List customers better. Optimization of shipments Both during the first mailings and at the later stages of collecting the database it is worth using the mailing optimization tools available in our system. We are talking about A B tests or the shipping time optimizer . We can offer two variants. Variant No. Thanks to the first solution we are able to test the subject or sender of the message.

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The system then divides our shipment into groups of recipients. Depending on the size of the sample which we define ourselves the system sends one subject. Or sender’s name to two equal groups. After the time we specify the winning versiona message. With a subject or name that has register more clicks or opens is sent to the rest of the recipients. Than BSB Directory ks to this we know how to construct this content so that the message will interest more users. Advice from the author Remember that a very important element in email marketing is the human element. Each recipient likes to feel that he corresponds with a person with a specific person and not a marketing department or an entire corporation.

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