The reports are extremely detail when analyzing images images are display when analyzing page spe you can see down to the second what the spe was for e.g. establishing interaction. Website monitoring This function is very useful when we want to note down individual changes that have appear on our website. As in all other tools we can set the date and view of data on the chart for example whether it should be daily or quarterly. What interests us most however are the events that we can observe.

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Among them are changes to the content on the website number of add pages response code changes number of delet pages chang page title broken page chang H heading. sitechecker events Graphics come from Sales Directors Email Lists sitechecker resources As in the case of an audit we can view all events or only select ones. A drop down list appears where again we have an adapt view depending on the event. So either the list of pages itself appears or the preview of the chang code or the chang title itself. We can also select specific subpages that we want to observe. site changes Graphics come from resources rank tracker Here we can see the tracking of e.g. Google ranking for key phrases that we have set in the project.

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The view is extremely clear we can also set the visualization of the diagram where we can easily see individual items visibility i.e. estimating whether we have a chance to gain traffic with a given key phrase and the progress of website indexing. Moreover we can BSB Directory see the SERP analysis of a given keyword on all or select websites. rank tracker Graphics come from resources backlink tracker The list of backlinks is download automatically but you can also enter your own that we know about. In turn a detail analysis of link building is available during the website audit. backlink tracker Graphics come from sitechecker.

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