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That is why from here I want to show you what are the main keys to their preparation and how to position them in the Google search engine . How to write an article on LinkedIn Steps to follow to write an article on LinkedIn. The first thing you will need to do is enter your LinkedIn profile and access the super administrator or content administrator view of your page. Then, click on Feed , the “In” icon at the top left of LinkedIn. How to write an article on LinkedIn Go to Start a Post at the top of the feed and click Write Article . How to write an article on LinkedIn If you want to add an image to your content, click the Upload from Computer button to add a cover image.

How to write an article on LinkedIn

How to write an article on LinkedIn In the “write here” option found at the bottom of the page you can add the text of your article. How to Iran Phone Number Data write an article on LinkedIn To complement it, you can also include images. videos, slides, links or fragments by clicking on the toolbar and format . Also, you can add Masters and  another member or a LinkedIn page. Obviously, you won’t be able to embed other LinkedIn articles for privacy reasons or copyright issues . Next, once the text has been incorporated, if you want to see a preview, click “ Next” .

LinkedIn to preview your content

How to write an article on before publishing it. In the “Manage” drop-down menu , located at the top right, you can also share the draft  Taiwan Phone Number List with other people before publishing. Without a doubt, a very interesting  Masters and  option if you want to know other people’s opinions or correct it later. As you write, a draft will be saved automatically. However, I recommend that you use a word processor like Word to write the article and then transfer it to LinkedIn. Sometimes servers fail and hard work can be lost. And since we don’t want to write the content in duplicate, better to be safe than sorry.

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