Marketplace or Virtual Store: Know the difference between

In recent years, with the advancement of technology, the words “Marketplace” and “Virtual Store” have been on people’s lips. However, few know the real difference between both terms. We can summarize that a Virtual Store is like a Physical Store, but of course, on the internet. Therefore, the owner will be responsible for everything related to the store. The Marketplace is like a virtual shopping mall. There, several retailers offer their products for sale and “use the name” of the marketplace to promote what they are selling. With this, we will better understand the characteristics of a Marketplace and an Online Store.

Features of an Online Store

The Virtual Store is an entrepreneur’s website. It places the products that the seller makes available for sale, where customers enter, choose, add to the cart, pay and receive the merchandise. In this sales channel, the owner has two Korea Telegram Number Data options to choose from. You can do everything on your own, taking care of logistics, management and marketing. Or you can choose to outsource certain services. For example, hiring e-commerce platforms for logistics and management and agencies for marketing. Virtual-Store-Principessa Marketplaces are like an online shopping mall that brings together different products from different sellers. Generally, large companies already consolidated in the market choose to create this sales channel, making their visibility and technology available so that “smaller entrepreneurs” can sell. In this business model, the seller does not worry about marketing, as the Marketplace itself offers this. It is an indirect advertisement, as the brand is advertising several sellers at the same time, which is where the difference comes in. In order to promote their products, Marketplaces charge commission fees or fixed amounts. The values ​​can be based on the number of sales made or total revenue.

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Characteristics of a Marketplace

Which channel is best to sell? Having clarified the main characteristics of each sales channel, you may be wondering which is the best way to place your products. And the answer is: IT DEPENDS. But why does it depend? Well, there are several variables that can influence this answer. For those who are starting to sell on the internet and do not yet Russia Telegram Number have a robust structure, the best option is to advertise the products on marketplaces, as your expenses will only be on the fees that will be charged, in addition to having other advantages . However, nothing prevents established brands from displaying products within these virtual shopping malls, as they are a great place to boost the number of sales, mainly by creating a good offer and a quality product. Virtual Stores, on the other hand, require greater investment and effort, as they need to be created from scratch or use a pre-made model. However, it requires great knowledge in e-commerce or hiring specialized platforms. In short, everything will depend on your current situation and how much you intend to invest in money and energy in this new project.

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