Leads to marketing’s contribution being overshadowed like the scenario of a blowout quarter depicted at the beginning of this article. For example goals set jointly by sales and marketing and measured together give credit to the team. There will always be the most valuable players who brought in the mega-deal from sales. But even in the Super Bowl each of the winners on the team gets a ring. Marketing and sales need to understand this dynamic and reward the team effort. Dig deeper: How to align B2B sales and marketing

Teams Perception

Often an unwanted reality Because marketing is often associated with advertising promotions and brand building the contribution is seen as fluffy or less tangible than other business functions. This perception can lead to a business database devaluation of marketing’s strategic importance and a lack of recognition for its impact on a company’s success. How do you counter these perceptions? First you must acknowledge that perception is real and then research exactly how this perception is affecting marketing’s recognition. Perceptions are best

Dealt with

Raising a mirror to the overall image. Greet the perception head-on acknowledge it and then portray how you would like to change it. Market your marketing. And remember that BSB Directory changing people’s minds is difficult. You want to start with changing their perception of the situation and let them do the work of changing their minds. Does data really drive insights? Often organizations have a lack of data to prove marketing’s

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