Malware in WordPress: what it is and how to protect yourself

WordPress is such a widespread CMS that it has become the target of many hackers and attackers, that is, WordPress’ market share is so high that right now there are many attackers looking for vulnerabilities and security flaws. This means that security problems appear much faster in WordPress than in other platforms and CMS, but it also means that we have to be very strict with security, since the slightest error or carelessness can cause a security hole through which they can attack us Do you want to know what malware is in WordPress and how you should protect yourself ? In this Online Zebra post we tell you everything you need to know to avoid these dreaded attacks.

How does malware enter your website

How to protect your website from malware attacks 3.1 1. Do not use the wp_ prefix for the Greece Email Data database 3.2 2. Do not use the admin user to access WordPress 3.3 3. Use a strong password 3.4 4. Always use the latest version of WordPress 3.5 5. Update install plugins 3.6 6. Update the active theme 3.7 7. Download plugins and themes from secure sites 3.8 8. Protect the WordPress configuration file What is malware? Malware means “malicious software . ” It is an umbrella term for any harmful software that hackers use to gain unauthoriz access to or damage your WordPress website. It can negatively impact your site in many ways and poses a serious security risk to both you and your website visitors. If malware is present on your website.

Your website performance has slow down

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You might notice signs like:. Visitors to your website see a “This site contains BSB Directory malware” error. There are unknown files or scripts on your server. Your pages are defac or full of harmful links. You can’t log in. Your website generates unwant pop-ups. Although all of these problems can have multiple causes. if you notice one or more of them. it is worth investigating the possibility that malware has infect your site. How does malware enter your website? Surely many of you who write blogs use WordPress . since it is perhaps the most famous platform for blog iting that exists on the Internet. And normally. the software and applications most us on the network are the ones that tend to have the most “enemies”. mainly because an attack on these internet giants has many more repercussions.

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