Is Snigel’s IAB-registered content management platform that allows users to make decisions based on the level of ad targeting they are comfortable with. This allows your website to comply with privacy regulations. Snigel’s CMP keeps your  Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Ad Consent CMP is future-proofed and customizable so that it can be used seamlessly to meet new regulations and demands. If you have audiences in California and the EU, you need a mechanism to collect user content. With CMP, the process is automated so you can secure any remaining complaints.  When users view targeted advertisements, cookie data is collected to provide personalized advertisements. CCPA and GDPR require the user to understand the content for such guidance.

Therefore,  Next-generation ad formats

Therefore,  Diversify ad revenue with Snigel’s  and earn more. Allows publishers to display video content on their sites. Through this, you can add value to users by showing them relevant content and giving them a new form of ad revenue.  Ad Stream is directly connected to ad exchanges and major SSPs to ensure you get everything from every impression. Additionally, it provides a special data  wide range of customizable video units that can be easily implemented on a publisher’s site to meet prominence, visibility, and size goals.  Additionally, AdStream monetizes existing video content and promotes your unique YouTube channel using Instream. But, if you don’t have any video content of your own, you can let Snigel create ideos for you by providing your website resources and syndicated content. Alternatively, you can generate additional income using Outstream.

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lets you see all your real-time ad performance data in a single, easy-to-use dashboard. It’s Snigel’s interactive portal that delivers ad performance data directly  BSB Directory to your dashboard, allowing you to seamlessly track data. The easy-to-use and powerful interactive dashboard lets you see performance updates in real time. AdVantage is a mobile-friendly app that allows you to check earnings, statistics, and performance on the go.

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