Live Commerce: The trend that has been revolutionizing e-commerce

Live Commerce is a sales strategy that brings together e-commerce , influencers, and streaming platforms to carry out offers and sales promotions. The sharp growth of e-commerce is due to a number of reasons, such as the ease of purchasing products, the reach of the internet and mainly due to social isolation, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Initially, the internet could limit some experiences that consumers would have when making an online purchase. The main limitation would be not being able to feel, pick up and see all the details of a product. With this, Live Commerce emerged to increase immersion and improve the experience of people who want to buy in e-commerce. This strategy has been bringing high conversion rates outside Brazil. In our country, we are still starting out.

What is Live Commerce

Live Commerce is an online event that aims to maximize sales, bringing together artists, brands, retailers and even influencers on a live streaming platform. This event aims to bring the target audience India Telegram Number Data closer to the product. This strategy promotes an interactive and close experience, where customers can ask questions and see how the merchandise works in full, in addition to being able to purchase instantly. A great example we have from the past are the Polishop ads on open TV. For a long time, this type of advertising was very relevant and common on Brazilian television, especially in the 90s and early 2000s. Even though this format is outdated today, there were good reasons for it to be shown. .

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Why do Live Commerce

How many times have you gone to buy something online and ended up abandoning the order due to lack of information about quality, size, manufacturing, etc.? Seeing the desired item in operation and Iran Telegram Number with all the details, gives the customer greater confidence and credibility to finalize that purchase. Furthermore, using well-known people to carry out the Live Commerce presentation can bring identification with that influencer, especially as they are a reference in the segment that the advertised product is in. Combining these facts, it is possible to create unique offers for those present at the event, have different promotions and exclusive purchases. The possibilities for strategies are practically limitless. Types of Live Commerce Knowing what Live Commerce is, let’s talk about the different formats you can adopt in your business. Sign up for our Newsletter and learn everything about e-commerce.

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