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Billing and profit results at Amazon in November. When you read this post it will already be December but as always I write them a day in advance for me it is still November. There are less than 18 hours left until the day ends. There are already several things we can say about the November 2021 sales results on Amazon.

The best November in history

The best November in history There is no doubt about that. We are even going to get quite close to the best month that was December 2020. According to data from our tool, we will be above 120k in billing and about 30k in profit. The Amazon top people data app shows a little less. I’m still not sure if there is still a bit of a delay and the tool shows more recent data. Could be. In the end it must be said that we were lucky.

This is what awaits us in December

This is what awaits us in December We are “extending” the stock by raising prices on the last units that we will not be able to replace in the short term. That way we at least increase BSB Directory profitability in the last units. December is typically the best month of the year but possibly for us it will “only” be the second best month. The reason for this is very simple. We won’t have enough products to sell. Seeing that November ended with 120k and 30k profits.

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