The students also learn Photography This is not requir, but it makes our watermark look nice. You can also change the text color to white if desir. Want to increase your productivity? Check out this course to learn how to customize to suit your workflow. Crop the text and define it as a pattern As fore, crop the text. Don’t crop it too close Leave a little margin or our watermark will look too squish together. Once done, go to it Definition Mode.¬† and click OK . Mode Add Watermark to Image Now open the image that nes to watermark.

Create a new pattern layer

From the New Layer menu at the bottom of the Layers panel. Pattern In the pop-up Pattern Fill dialog box, select the pattern you just creat. You can ruce it to the desir size by dragging the Scale Percentage slider. Pattern Fill Brazil Business Email List Your watermark is now visible on the image, but it doesn’t look quite right. To make it look tter, select Overlay under Blending Mode and drag the Opacity to approx. in the Layers panel. Overlay The resulting image looks much tter: Photography Your watermark is now complete! To add it to any other image, just add a pattern layer on top of it.

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Empower your team L ead the

Industry Subscri to a library of online courses and digital learning tools for your organization. But what if we have dozens of images to watermark? It’s also easy, thanks to the Batch tool and macros. Automating Watermark Creation¬†in As a final step, we’ll create a macro to BSB directory automate the entire watermark creation process. Go to Window Actions In the window that pops up, click the folder icon to create a new folder where you will save all your watermark actions. New Folder Specify an arbitrary name for the folder. Automation Now click the New Action button next to the folder icon.

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