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You will be able to provide information and insights on the products and respond to any critical issues encounter in the use of the product or its online purchase. Social mia can then prove to be important in the purchasing process thanks to the presence of influencers i.e. users who thanks to their network of contacts are able to influence a decision thanks to their opinion consider authoritative. But how to choose the best social platform bas on your business Instagram and Pinterest. The two social visuals par excellence are the ideal tools for setting up a social mia marketing strategy for your ecommerce.

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It goes without saying nothing catches the eye like a beautiful image. Both Instagram and Pinterest are bas on sharing images. Perfect feature for promoting our products perhaps simply by publishing a photo with a short description or a catchy phrase Brazil TG Number Data that intrigues the user to visit our online shop. The difference between these two channels is organisational on Pinterest we can organize images by message boards perhaps bas on the topic and each single image refers to the website while Instagram on the other hand acts as a showcase to strengthen your brand.

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It is still the most us generalist social network and for to put your marketing strategies into practice. Excellent for promoting your products and branding on the fan page but above all for reaching a high number of people profil by interests Brazil WhatsApp Number List geographical area and behaviour thanks to the sponsor system. Twitter. If you have any doubts is not us to promote an online shop. The strength of this platform is the contents and this is also demonstrat by the fact that to focus on other contents. A marketing strategy on could therefore be not so much that of direct sales but that of branding.

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