You can also think about creating for example a series of podcasts with Christmas stories or advice on what to buy as a gift. Also remember to create a dicat landing page that you will devote entirely to the holidays. Also collect leads through it by offering good Christmas offers thanks to which you will collect a special list of recipients interest in given products. What would you advise companies from the customer’s point of view Where do you like to buy gifts I am a person who uses Christmas time to buy gifts for myself as well so the journey I take from noticing a product to buying it is often very personal for me.

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I pay special attention to various sets that are not normally available for sale and here they are and in addition at a promotional price. However there are many sets so what convinces me to buy this product I like a good story the most. I love turning the packaging Ghana WhatsApp Number List around and reading product descriptions if something has really good storytelling and convinces me that it’s a good way to spoil myself for the holidays I take out my wallet right away. During the holidays I also like to buy from small local businesses so if you run one show off When I see an ad on the web from a brand that boasts its historya family business I am immiately interest.

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What to watch out for when it comes to sending an email campaign I would be most concern about the news. Personally I am quite an emotional person which is why I am convinc by content that appeals to emotions. I notic that many brands focus only on informing about the type of discounts and this is a big mistake. Emails that are titl “ off for Chri BSB Directory stmas Don’t wait is a lot. Therefore if you plann the entire mailing campaign only in this style change it. Each message does not have to appeal to emotions the most important thing in this period is to find the right balance.

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