Magazord at RD Summit 2023: Innovation and Connection in São Paulo

An Exciting Journey at Latin America’s Largest. Marketing and Technology Event The Game-Changing Event: RD Summit in São Paulo Since moving to São Paulo. RD Summit has stood out as a landmark in. The technology and marketing sector, and the  edition was no exception. Surpassing records with more than 20 thousand participants, this event was consolidated as the largest in its history. Reflecting the growing importance of digital in the business world. Magazord being at the forefront of technology, sees this as an incredible opportunity for growth and innovation.

Magazord: At the Heart of Innovation

For us at Magazord, participating in the RD Summit was a transformative experience. This event provided us with a unique opportunity to interact with a variety of companies. Expanding our networking and strengthening partnerships. The presence of big brands such as Google. LinkedIn and McDonalds, as well as influencers and thought leaders, create Thailand WhatsApp Number Data an environment rich in learning and exchanging ideas. Artificial Intelligence.  The Front of the Future One of the highlights of the event was the emphasis on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The launch of RD Station Mentor IA.  Announced by Juliano Tubino, marks a turning point in the way companies can use AI to improve strategies and customer service.

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Magazord’s Perspective

Odair da Rosa, our Commercial Director, shared his impressions of the event: “RD Summit 2023 was a clear demonstration of the dynamism and importance of the Brazilian technology market. It was a golden chance for us to Spain WhatsApp Number List connect with the Brazilian market, better understand what’s going on out there and see how we can grow together. These interactions not only strengthen our network of contacts, but also open doors for future ones.” Looking to the future As we prepare for future challenges and opportunities, events like the RD Summit are vital to keeping us updated and connected. Magazord is proud to be part of this journey and is eager to continue growing and evolving in the digital ecosystem.

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