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It does not involve the employees in production , especially those who do not have Microsoft 365 In order for a company to implement SharePoint, all employees must have a Microsoft 365 license . This is a challenge for companies with employees in production , since not everyone can access a SharePoint intranet . In such cases, a third-party solution can come in handy , especially a SharePoint-basd intranet (like Powell Intranet ) with a mobile app. In this way, employees in the field who do not have anyHave a Microsoft 365 license , have access.

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It’s difficult to get the right information out to the right people One of the biggest problems with SharePoint is that it’s difficult to get database the right information across to the right group of people . With so many messages being sent out, employees are overwhelmd with information if it is not targetd at specific groups . While the software includes some targeting features , improvements still nd to be made . Luckily, today there are modern intranets built on top of SharePoint that offer better features for targeting specific audiences.


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The Powell intranet is a wonderful example of this . Branding and personalization is difficult In the standard. Version of SharePoint there BSB Directory are limitations in terms of branding options for your company . Also , it can take a long time to use these options . It is therefore more like a Microsoft intranet than an individual company intranet. So it is better to cooperate with a third party . The intranet of Powell Intranet is out of the box, built on top of SharePoint, allows for personalization of the intranet , and includes easy-to-use templates. You can brand your intranet with your own logo or customize it for specific holidays and times of the year.

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