How to Increase Seo by Improving Your Site Design

Here are a few things you can do to synergize web design and SEO:

Create a mobile-friendly site
More and more Internet users are searching for your site on smartphones and other mobile devices ( 63% of all mobile searches in 2021 were mobile searches!), and your site needs to be accessible to all Internet users.

Responsive web design ensures that your site works smoothly on all devices and browsers. Additionally, since mobile accessibility is one of Google’s key ranking factors, it can provide a better user experience and increase your chances of ranking higher.

Improved Readability Designers May Focus Primarily

A responsive website also eliminates the potential for content duplication that can occur if you have a separate mobile site.

Improved site loading speed
The loading speed of your site is another Whatsapp Data essential factor in ranking on Google, and site design has a huge impact on loading speed.

Ideally, the loading speed should be less than 1 second, but 2 seconds is also acceptable. If your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, it is considered slow and users will leave your site.

87% of users refuse to view your site if it takes just 2 seconds to load .

Check your loading speed using one of the many online tools available for this purpose, then review your site to find what’s slowing it down.

Create a visually appealing website

Compress files and images, optimize your code by removing unnecessary lines, reduce the BSB Directory number of redirects on your pages, clear your cache regularly, and choose your server carefully as a lot depends on its speed (optimal server response speed is less than 200ms ).

The easier it is for your visitors to find the information they need, the more likely they are to convert.

Easy-to-use navigation also reduces the chances of visitors getting confused and leaving your website, lowers bounce rates, and improves rankings.

Improved readability
Designers may focus primarily on non-text elements of the site, but it is important to choose fonts and sizes that are easy for visitors to read.

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