How to Find an Email Address by Name: A Comprehensive Guide

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Finding someone’s email address can be essential for professional or personal reasons. Here are several effective methods to locate an email address using just a name.

1. Use Professional Networking Sites

LinkedIn is a valuable resource for finding email addresses. Search for the person by name and check their profile for contact information.

2. Company Websites

Visit the official website of the company where the person works. Check the “Contact Us” or “About Us” sections, where employee contact details are sometimes listed.

3. Email Lookup Services

Several online tools, like and Voila Norbert, can help you find email addresses. Enter the person’s name and company to search their databases.

4. Google Search

Perform a Google search using the person’s name along with terms like “email” or “contact.” This can sometimes lead you to publicly available information.

5. Social Media Platforms

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram can also be useful. People sometimes list their Italy Phone Number List email addresses in their bio or contact sections.

6. Guess and Verify

If you know the person’s company domain, try common email formats like [email protected]. Use email verification tools like MailTester to check if the address is valid.

7. Check Blog Posts and Articles

If the person has written articles or blog posts, they may include their email address in the author bio section.

8. Use Email Permutator Tools

Email permutator tools generate possible email combinations based on the person’s name and domain. Use these tools to test multiple variations quickly.

9. Ask Mutual Connections

If you share mutual connections with the person, don’t hesitate to ask them for the email address directly.

10. Utilize Public Records

Public records and databases can sometimes provide contact information. Services like Whitepages or Spokeo may have the email address you’re looking for.


Finding an email address by name involves a combination of online tools, social media, professional networks, and creative searching techniques. By leveraging these methods, you can locate email addresses effectively and efficiently. Always use the information responsibly and respect privacy when reaching out to individuals.

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